The Cross Connection Control Advisory Committee of San Diego County is a nonprofit, collaborative effort between stakeholders concerned with a safe and healthy water supply.  The Advisory Committee exists to protect the public health by increasing awareness of the best cross connection control and backflow prevention methods. We are committed to the prevention of backflow into the potable water systems. The Committee is comprised of members from the following:

Water Districts
State Health Department
County Health Department
School Districts
Plumbers and Plumbing Companies
Landscape and Irrigation Companies
Backflow Testers
Anyone interested in the advancement of the backflow field.

Current Officers

Officers for 2016

President - Shannon Coffin - Otay Water District
Vice President -  John Barry - Oceanside Water District
Secretary - Diane Stoltz - Ramona Municipal Water District
Treasurer - Tom Allingham Jr - Backflow Services 
Certification Officer - Jeff Flynt - Palomar Backflow
Website Administrator - James Barkley - Pacific Backflow Company

Stop Backflow!

This video by Howard Dorr (although he's not affiliated with CCCACSD) is an excellent visual illustration of backsiphonage in action. The colored fluid demonstrates just how easily chemicals, pollutants or other unwanted substances can be drawn into our homes and into our community water supplies. Prevent Backflow!